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Few days back I had a candid conversation with Mr. Mirza Faisal Haseeb Baig who was a humble book seller passionately opening his books trunk and spreading the books for sale after the downpour. I couldn't help but sharing his tale.

His Father, Mirza Haseeb has worked in the same place for the past 40 years and now Faisal has been working in the same place as a book seller since 2001. Almost 20 years and he still feels the same passion.

Mirza Faisal Haseeb baig with his son Mirza Mohammad Ali.

Why not a bookstore?

A normal reader would wonder. Why being on road all day instead of opening…

Hi, you’re reading this on the other side by someone called Myda. I just turned 22 three days back. This place is about me exploring and redefining myself so you can find me in every piece I write here.

Taking risks putting yourself out there isn't easy for everyone so don't expect well researched facts and figures with buzz words, instead I really want to put out what its really like for me and people like me. So I welcome you all along with me on this crazy roller coaster stupid life which I am grateful for. Sometimes we laugh here, mostly cry and complain but as long as we’ve got each other’s back it’s gonna be fine!

Writing from heart not head, inspired by Joann from “The bold type”

Myda baig

Happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way

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